Your ideal body is the one you already have!

Your ideal body is the one you already have!

Ideal Body Image

Apologies in advance, but I have to rant about this!

You will note, that my business is all about self-love, and positive Body Image right, and from 1 March, I will be relaunching The Body Image Freedom Project, so what I discovered today at the hair dresser has infuriated me!

I know I am probably the world’s most naïve person sometimes, but when the hair dresser drying my hair and we were looking in one of the latest trashy magazine at pictures of some stripper that is now dating a Kardashian and I said look at how big her booty was! In a positive way!

I was naively impressed that somebody that had been born with such a big booty was so proud of it and comfortable with her body that she was out in a bikini. Thus started a conversation that has me gobsmacked!

Not only was that girl’s butt not real, but neither is any of the Kardashian’s, neither is Nicky Minaj. In fact, apparently Nicky Minaj has had surgery on most of her body parts.

Now, I am not against plastic surgery. Hell, I have had plastic surgery! For medical reasons. When I lost all of my weight, I had the excess skin removed because it was unhealthy and uncomfortable. I have had friends have breast reductions for the same reason.

I can even understand some women even getting breast enlargements.

What I cannot understand, and drives me insane, is now understanding women are getting butt implants! Are you frick’n serious!!! Why?????????????

What level of self-loathing do you have about who you are to feel the necessity to get butt implants??!! I just don’t get it!

What annoys me even more, is that if even I was naïve enough to not know about the level of surgery these so called celebrities are having done, and I don’t “look up to them, or want to be like them, or think they are beautiful”, what about those that are out there that have massive body image issues already and think that to be beautiful, this is what they have to do? Or that to be “famous” you have to look a certain way and because big butts are “in” right now, that they get butt implants to look like that? Or that to get those curves, or to be that slim, you have to be on a constant diet and wow, all of the sudden there is a larger epidemic of eating disorders happening.

I would love to ask any one of those celebrities if they even truly like themselves! How do they sleep at night?? Yes, I am sure money can buy great “tools” to assist them to sleep well, but they cannot truly be happy! To hate your body so much that you need to put it through such unnecessary painful surgery, just to have a bigger booty, you cannot possibly like yourself and be at peace.

I am sorry, I am sure this is triggering a lot of people, but if it is, GOOD! It means that there is a reflection for you in it and potentially you need to ponder on why you are triggered by it.

I am going to let you in on a little secret, really gorgeous well shaped booty’s are in made in the gym, with a squat or two, a kettlebell swing or two, and maybe, just maybe, a lunge or two. They are not made in a surgeon’s office!!!!!!!!!!! It is so dangerous to not only your physical health, but your mental health.

Another secret, your ideal body is the one you already have. And to truly understand and appreciate that, there is a lot of inner work that has to be done. Believing that to be happy, and truly love yourself, you need a pretend booty, is not what will take you to a place of self love and self acceptance.

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