You don’t know my story

You don’t know my story…

All you see, is the outer manifestation of the life I have lived..

You don’t know the pain, trauma, joys, successes that I have experienced in my life…

You don’t know my hopes and dreams, you just look at my outer shell, and decide I am unworthy. Unworthy of your respect. Unworthy of your consideration, unworthy of your love.

You make a decision based on what you see as disgusting, as lazy, not as the body of someone who has experienced more trauma, emotional and physical abuse, heart break and more loss than any one person should.

You, you are the problem. Not me, not my body. Your judgements. Your biases, your discrimination.

Before you judge me based on what you see on the outside, have the courtesy to get to know me. My story.. Because my body is beautiful, just the way she is, today…

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