Why The Self Love Soul Warrior Online Program?

When I created The Self Love Soul Sessions, and The Self Love Soul Warrior online program, was because it had become clear to me how many beautiful women out there, were struggling with self love, and understanding how important healing our SELF is, to truly heal our relationship with our body, and with food.

The offerings are focused on all area’s of SELF.

SELF care

SELF trust

SELF worth

SELF belief

SELF respect

SELF acceptance

SELF compassion

SELF love

A cornerstone of healing our relationship with food, and our relationship with our bodies, we need to LOVE our SELF unconditionally.

We need to ensure that we fully respect ourSELF, love ourSELF, trust ourSELF, value ourSELF by ensuring we appreciate our worth, by showing compassion to ourSELF, believing in ourSELF.

Whilst you may believe that you do fully love yourself, is it conditional love?

Example, if you gain 5kg, does that self love change? If you don’t get the job you want, does that self love change? If you have your heart broken, does that self love change?

Gaining 5kg, losing out on the job you want, or having your heart broken, may bring up negative self talk such “if I only I was thinner, if only I was smarter, if only I had tried harder”…

The Self Love Soul Warrior Program, takes you through the core eight area’s of self and ask you the tough questions that have you reflect and support healing that are of SELF. 

It starts with SELF care, a cornerstone of SELF love. One that is so under-estimated and under-valued. SELF care isn’t just massages and manicures. It is staying in on a Friday night when you feel pressured by friends to go out socialising, it is carefully managing finances, it is eating healthy meals, it is ending a relationship (whether friend, intimate or family) that is unhealthy and toxic.

The eight modules end with SELF love. Every module takes you on a journey of deeper understanding and healing of yourSELF, and the SELF love module teaches you how to incorporate unconditional SELF love practices into your every day.

The SELF Love Soul Sessions is a series of workshops that follow the theme of The Self Love Soul Warrior Program. The workshops are held monthly and the topics of each are in alignment with the online program.

The retreats will begin in the Australian Spring 2019, and will be a potent dose of the content from the program and workshops.

The Self Love Soul Warrior Program is run three times per year as a live program which includes weekly live Facebook Q&A’s with myself in a private FB group, editable PDF’s for every module, email support for the length of the program, access to the live workshops and special guest presenters.

But the program can also be purchased outside of these live rounds and be undertaken at your own pace. It still gives you access to the private Facebook group so you can re-watch prior FB lives, and guest presenters within the group.

The program has also been designed as a stepping stone to the deeper work of The Body Love Experience. Undertaking The Self Love Soul Sessions program allows you to come to the perfect place of self love, which allows for a greater depth of healing when undertaking The Self Love Soul Warrior program.

The program is an entry point into working with me, and currently my lowest price offering.

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