Wellness Wednesday! Love yourself more than the cupcake!

Love yourself more than the cupcake!

Wellness Wedesday 6 January 2015

This year, focus on loving yourself more than whatever your go to emotional eating trigger is, whether that be a cupcake, chocolate bar, cheesecake, chips, macaroon, etc.

Ask yourself, the following the questions;

1.  What am I really craving?

2. Will this food / drink give me the satisfaction I am desiring?

3. Is it worth the crash I will feel when my body is trying to process it?

Instead of heading straight to that trigger food, go for a walk around the block, call a friend, write in a journal, play with your pets, or simply look for a healthier options.

Love yourself more! Believe in yourself more!

Self love, self respect and your self esteem will all grow the more love yourself more than the trigger food.

You are stronger, and better than the cupcake!


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