Why I truly became an eating psychology coach

Iyanla quote

This quote by Iyanla Vanzant is the reason I love being an eating psychology / body love coach.

This quote is also how I truly owned my recovery from bulimia and body dysmorphia.

The addictions we have in life are there because of an emotional painful experience in our past that hasn’t been felt into and healed.

It is imperative to find the courage to reach deep down into our heart and soul and bring that experience out so it can be felt and be healed.

Feeling our emotions is one of the modules in The Body Love Experience for a reason. It is key to healing all of all of our issues around body image, our issues with food, wether emotional eating, binge eating or anorexia, and can be the cause of some long term digestive issues including IBS.

Are you to ready to reach deep inside and heal those parts that are causing the pain of your addictions??

I would love to support you on that journey. I know first hand the courage and strength it takes, so know how to support you.

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