My Top 5 Tips for Clothes Shopping!







Number One

Focus on how you FEEL in the clothes!

If it FEELS uncomfortable when you try it on in the store, it is going to feel uncomfortable when you get it home and wear it!

Might seem like a simple one, but honestly, how many times have you bought clothing that felt a little tight when you tried it on, but believed that you would lose a kg or two and it would feel “just right”.  But that doesn’t happen!

DO NOT buy clothes that FEEL uncomfortable in any way when you try them on, whether the item is too small, fabric is unflattering or uncomfortable, whatever it is!

You will not FEEL good about yourself when you are wearing clothes you feel uncomfortable in. You will be self-conscious the whole time you are wearing it.

Number Two 

Choose clothes that “feel” good on your body.

By this I mean, do you FEEL comfortable in the clothes? Does the shirt feel good across chest, around your back, is it flattering to your figure? Do you FEEL good in it? Do you FEEL comfortable wearing it? Does it FEEL rough or irritating on your skin?

Don’t buy clothes for the sake of fashion, or because your partner wants you to buy something. Don’t buy clothes for a certain event that you know you are going to FEEL uncomfortable in, focus on shopping for clothes that FEEL good on your body.

Number Three

Choose flattering fabrics for your size.

Whilst we all would like to believe that all gym / yoga pants look good on all of us, in reality, it is hard to find a pair that is flattering. Or maybe that’s just me!

If that pair of jeans feels tight, or uncomfortable in the crotch area, or too tight around your legs, don’t buy them. There are other pants you can buy that will FEEL more comfortable on your body!

Number Four

Know your clothing size per store to avoid trying on clothes that are too small, or too big, or just un-flattering on your body.

We have all had the experience where we may be a size 10 in one store, but a size 14 in another.

This is one area where I would I would say to know your numbers. If you know at your favorite dress shop you are a size 14, don’t try on a size 12 or 16 if that’s the only size they have.  It can put a big dint your self confidence if you are trying on something that isn’t going to flatter your body.

Number Five

Dress for YOU, and have FUN!

Clothes shopping should be all about YOU, and should be a FUN experience! But way too often, clothes shopping, is just not an enjoyable experience because so often we don’t shop for what feels good on us, or for an event, or for fashion.

Have FUN with clothes shopping! Just ensure you focus on how the clothes make you FEEL, in a positive way, not a negative way.

You always want to ensure you FEEL good about yourself in what you are wearing, not bad about yourself.


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