The Self Love Soul Warrior Program

The Self Love Soul Warrior Program

Self-love Soul Warriors is a collective of beautiful women journeying home to themselves. Reconnecting with the light within. Self-love isn’t just about long hot baths and massages (although these are completely delicious and highly recommended!!) self-love is so much more.

It is about

Self Care
Self Trust
Self Worth
Self Belief
Self Respect
Self Acceptance
Self Compassion
Self Love

We will work through each area together that leads you back home.

Each Module includes:

– Activities and exercises to connect you to the topic and your relationship with your body, aka, self-worth and how that impacts on your relationship with your body and with food;

– Daily journalling exercises;

– Meditations;

– Facebook group with other members for support, and where I will conduct a FB live

*There will be a live workshop for every topic module that you will receive a discounted ticket for if you are based in Melbourne;

By the end of the eight module journey, you will feel more connected to YOU, and your BODY.


With 8 Core Modules delivered via email over 16 weeks — you will have access to fortnightly coaching calls , our private Facebook group and dedicated email support throughout the full term of the program.

1. Self care

Self care involves so much more than massages, relaxing on a couch and facials.

Self care means looking at our lives from all aspects of mind, body and soul and asking ourselves, is this for my highest good? Am I truly taking care of my mind, my body, my soul?

The answers may not always be easy, but taking care of ourselves, isn’t always light and fun. It means being truthful with ourSelf.

In this module, we uncover how well you are truly taking care of SELF.

2. Self trust

When we are born, we trust the world, we trust ourSelf.

We make decisions everyday, which are impacted by our environment, and those in our environment.

We “learn” from those around us, what is right and wrong, and make decisions from this place.

Sometimes, when those decisions have less than positive consequences, we can begin to question our ability to trust ourselves and our ability to make decisions for our own needs and safety.

In this module we go through where your lack of self-trust manifested from, and begin to heal ourSELF trust.

3. Self worth

Self worth by definition is the sense of one’s own value or worth as a person.

Self-worth can control decision making in every area of your life.

Low self-worth can see us stay in un-healthy relationships, not ask for a pay-rises we deserve, eat unhealthy foods or engage in other addictions.

If you don’t see your worth, how can others?

In this module we break down where your limited self-worth may be stemming from and how to re-build it from a mind, body and soul perspective.


4. Self belief

Do you believe in YOU?

What has happened in your life, to have you ever doubt yourself? To question that you can do, and be anything that you want to do or be.

Self belief is a knowing, a trust that you can do and achieve whatever your heart desires.

Low self-belief impacts us greatly because it means we live our life in a comfort zone, never chasing our greatest dreams.

In this module we work through where our lack of belief in ourSELF may have come from, and how we can we can re-build.



5. Self respect

Self respect means honouring SELF.

It means to have the strength to set boundaries for ourselves to ensure peace within mind body and soul.

But it easy for us to lose respect for ourselves. 

We are challenged, questioned and disrespected most days. And sadly, that is mostly from ourselves, which we have learnt from our environment and those in our environment.

In this module we dive into the understanding of where our lack of self-respect has come from, and how implement healthy boundaries so we can experience peace in mind, body and soul.

6. Self acceptance

Self-acceptance is the core way we can ever truly grow and heal.

Self-acceptance means we accept ALL of our SELF, the light and the dark within.

It means we drop the self-judgement, self-berating and lovingly accept what makes us unique.

Within this module, we learn how to truly accept every part of ourselves, even the parts we aren’t proud of from a mind, body and soul perspective.

7. Self compassion

Self compassion means to drop the judgements on SELF, to drop the negative SELF talk, to drop the shame, drop the feelings of inadequacy, the beliefs of failure.

Self compassion means being gentle with yourself. Understanding that in every moment you are doing the best YOU can do in every given moment. 

Life is not always easy, and berating yourself, being unkind to yourself in anyway, punishing yourself for a perceived failure is an act of violence against your soul.

Healing can only take place when we find that place of self compassion.

In this module we go into understanding the truth of self compassion, where your lack of compassion may stem from and how to re-learn so you can live your life filled with peace in mind, body and soul.

8. Self love

Self love means living our life in alignment with our values and morals.

It means choosing ourselves, and placing our dreams and desires at the forefront of everything we do.

It means taking care of ourselves from a mind, body and soul perspective as our number one priority.

It means loving and accepting every part of ourselves, the light and shade unconditionally.

In this module we work through exercises to solidify what self love means for YOU, in mind, body and soul.

What You Will Receive

  • Access to the 8 core modules and associated workbooks
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Facebook Live Q&A's for each module
  • Individual email support throughout the course
  • Access to the live workshops
  • Special Guest Presenters
Payment Options 
1 x $890 (AUD)
2 x $445 (AUD)
4 x $225 (AUD)

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The Self Love Soul Warrior

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no 1:1 coaching within the program, although I will be doing a fortnightly call where you can ask any questions.

To truly heal our relationship with our body, we must learn to love all of who we are. The light, and the dark. 

Journeying through The Self Love Soul Warrior program, you will begin to uncover all aspects of SELF, and learn how to heal those darker places, that in turn will help heal your relationship with your body, amongst other areas.

If you are looking only for support in healing body image, please refer to my program The Body Love Experience.

The Self Love Soul Sessions workshops are run independant of the program.

You do not need to attend the workshops to participate in the program.

Everyone who signs up for the program though will receive 50% off the price of the workshops. 

Note, that the workshops are held here in Melbourne only, but there is an intention to Live Stream them so you will be able to participate from the comfort of your home. 

When you sign up, you will have access for life. 

You will also be emailed a link to join the private Facebook group where you will have access to the prior module FB Live Q&A’s. 

Outside of live rounds, I will still be active in the FB Group and will respond to any questions in the group.

At this stage, I plan on running the program as a live round, twice a year, and that is because it is a 16 week program.

If the cost is prohibitive at this stage and you would still love to sign up now, please email me directly at and we can set up a time to discuss and find a payment plan that will support you to undertake the program now.

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