The Self Love Soul Sessions

The Self Love Soul Sessions

When you realise you are worthy of more, can embrace your inner warrior and step out of the darkness, you can learn to love yourself.


Why are we so afraid of love?
Why are we so afraid to fully love ourselves?
Why is self-care so hard?
Why is it so hard to believe in ourselves?
Why is it so hard to trust ourselves?
When did we start questioning our worth?
When did we stop valuing ourselves and valuing what others believe about us?

The Self-love Soul Sessions is not just about self-love, The Self-love Soul Sessions is a journey. A journey through every area of self.

Self Care
Self Trust
Self Worth
Self Belief
Self Respect
Self Acceptance
Self Compassion
Self Love

You see, for you to truly love another, you need to love YOU.

To love YOU, you need self-trust, self-worth, self-belief, self-confidence, all of it.

When it comes to our relationship with our bodies, and our relationship with food, the journey is exactly the same.

We must fully embrace ourselves, and love ourselves, unconditionally.

To begin to heal our relationship with our bodies, to begin to love what we see in the mirror, to get off that dieting bandwagon, to end the prison of that eating disorder, or end the emotional eating, end the binge eating, to heal digestive issues, you need to learn to LOVE ALL OF YOU, NOW….

It doesn’t work in reverse. Dropping the weight will not see you magically fall in love your reflection in the mirror. Going gluten free, will not end the digestive issues. Hypnotherapy will not see you permanently end your binge eating….

Trust me, I have tried all of the above. When I lost 50kg, it wasn’t enough. I still hated my reflection. I didn’t love me. I still didn’t even like me. In fact, I hated my body more as it “wouldn’t do what I wanted it to do”. I kept believing that if I could just drop another 5kg, then I would finally love my reflection. My relationship with food would become normal. But it never did.

I have been in your shoes. I have tried everything. Healing every part of YOU, those deep wounds, trauma’s, things we are ashamed of, those places we are scared of because bringing them to the surface we know will cause immense pain; those are what, once healed, will be what brings self-love.

It will bring the peace. The freedom. The life you have dreamed of.

Will the journey be easy? No. Will it be worth it, ABSOLUTELY.

Loving yourself and your body in a fat phobic world is rebellious.

It takes courage.
It takes being vulnerable.
It takes strong self-worth, self-compassion, self-belief, self-confidence, immense self-care and an un-wavering amount of unconditional self-love!

Coming out of the shadows, the darkness, takes courage

It is not easy to maintain our self-worth, self-belief or self-confidence in a world that so quickly wants to judge you for having the audacity to speak, to have a voice, to shut down those that dare judge you with one simple look. They’ve not walked in your shoes. Not had your life. Not been through the fires that have bought you to this place where you stand loud and proud and scream, THIS IS ME…

And if you aren’t in that place of body love, of self-acceptance, self-worth, where you struggle to see your value so you play your life so small that nobody would even notice if you disappeared, there is hope.

I know what that life looks intimately. I’ve spent over 40 years living that life. Hiding away in the darkness, in the shadows, trying to scream, please see me, but too afraid of being beaten down yet again.

To be seen means pain, trauma and shame of some description so it’s easier to stay hidden away in the darkness, reliving every torturous moment that led you to stay under that stairwell, hidden from the world. Reliving every time you had the courage to find your voice, to have the confidence to go for that dream job, to go out on a date, to believe that for once you would be seen, loved and accepted for you. To believe that you are enough, just as you are. (Side note, you are worthy of all of the above because you exist).

But you get don’t get that dream job. The date with the most amazing man goes terribly, or the man you fell in love with 20 year ago comes home one night and tells you he is leaving you for someone else. What do you do? Fall back into the same pattern. Head to the fridge for that chocolate cake, or bottle of wine or tub of ice cream. Or to the cupboard for that block of chocolate, packet of chips, bag of lollies, because you know, that for just one moment, you’ll be soothed. You will be able to forget about the pain, the hurt, the betrayal, the shame, the confusion.

Coming out of the shadows, the darkness, takes courage. It takes just an ounce of belief that things can be different, that your life doesn’t have to be this way. That having lived your life the past five, ten, twenty years the same way, doesn’t have to dictate the next five, ten, twenty years.

For just one moment, you believe you are worthy of more. That if you find that courage, that inner warrior, that if you take one brave step out from that darkness of addiction, that your life can transform.

There has to be a better way

Well, I’m not sure about you, but I’m tired of hiding, relying on food to comfort me in this fat phobic world. There has to be a better way, and I am going to step out of that darkness, find my voice, find a pathway back to self-belief, self trust, self-confidence, of valuing myself again, creating a self-care plan and finding that place of connection back to unconditional deep nurturing self-love.

Are you Ready?


The Self Love Soul Sessions workshops will be held monthly, with a different topic of self to work through. The workshops will be a safe nurturing environment to support you to work through the topic for the month, such as self-worth, or self-respect. It will include guest speakers to help you engage more with the topic, along with rituals, activities and exercises to support you deepening into the topic for the month. Those enrolled in the online program will receive a 50% discount to attend each of these workshops whether in person, or via Live Stream. These workshops will also be available for Live Stream so can be attended by anybody all over the world.

Only $85 per workshop


Three in person retreats are being planned for 2019 across the globe.

These retreats will be Self Love, Body Love, Deep Dive Intensives and will include special guest presenters at each.

Locations to be confirmed, but as of February 2019, they will be held:

  1. September 2019 – Scotland
  2. November 2019 – Australia

More information coming soon!