The Body Image Freedom Project

The Body Image Freedom Project

When was the last time you looked at yourself fully in the mirror and loved what you saw??

The purpose of The Body Image Freedom Project is to support you to fall in love with your body, and with food again.

To stop a lifetime of hatred against your body, and to learn to LOVE what you see in the mirror!

Yes, it is possible!

I've been where you are today

For most of my life when I looked in the mirror, I saw somebody that needed to drop A LOT of weight to feel worthy; as a person, as a friend, as a co-worker, as a partner.  Now, I LOVE what I see in the mirror!

The tools in this program are exactly what I used in my own journey to Body Love and the freedom that brings.

After 30 plus years of the prison that bulimia brings with it, and the severe body dysmorphia that went along with it, I know all too well the pain that goes with the belief that if I just run another 5km, or spend another two hours in the gym, my body will be perfect and I will love it. Knowing all too well that isn’t the case. Or if I stay under 500 calories only per day, my body will transform into something I love instead of something I hated and had to be changed.

The Program

The Body Image Freedom Project can be taken over 12 or 24 weeks.

Each module has a workbook that will be delivered electronically bi-weekly along with our 1:1 coaching calls. These calls can be either in person or via Skype. Each module contains exercises to help you integrate the materials along with the 1:1 coaching.

The 12 Week Program

The 12 week program consists of 6 modules

Module 1: What is body image?

Module Lesson: Love what is now!

  • How do you define body image?
  • To what degree does your weight / body image influence your sense of happiness and wellbeing?
  • When was your weight / body image at its best?

Module 2: Embodiment

Module Lesson: We are one being, not two separate beings; we can’t hate our body into how we want it look

  • To learn to love what is, we need to look at it, our body and ourselves as a whole, not two separate entities.
  • When we hate our body, we are affectly hate ourselves

Module 3: Emotions – Feeling feelings

Module Lesson: Our feelings must be felt or our body suffers, another stressor

  • How well are you able to express how you are feeling to those in your life, both personally and professionally, whether positive or negative emotions?

Module 4: Nourishment

Module Lesson: Food is not the only form of nourishment.  We need to understand the importance of addressing what nourishes the emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives.
  • What does nourishment mean to you?
  • What other than food, nourishes your soul, your spirit?/li>

Module 5: Desire

Module Lesson: Unexpressed desires create a stress response in the body; expressing them liberates the body and lessens the stress response.

  • What is it that you long for deep down? e.g. family, alternate career, to play a musical instrument, travel, language, own own home

Module 6: Pleasure

Module Lesson: Vitamin P, pleasure!   If we are not allowing ourselves pleasure, we are creating un-necessary stress. We need to relax into life and allow pleasure back into our life, whether food, or life experiences we enjoy.

  • Where in your life are denying Vitamin P into your life??

The 24 Week Program

The 24 week program consists of the 6 modules from the 12 week program and the 6 below

Module 7: Digestion

Module Lesson: Our issues with our digestion, may actually have nothing to do with what we eat and drink.

  • Is there an event, relationship, experience that you haven’t fully “digested”?

Module 8: Body Wisdom

Module Lesson: Our body is always talking to us, but how often do we listen?

  • How do you “tune in” and listen to your body’s wisdom?

Module 9: Energy & Fatigue

Module Lesson: Energy and fatigue concerns can be a direct result of not doing what we love, or surrounding ourselves with people or environments that are not “healthy” for us.

  • how do you add more of what energies you into your life?

Module 10: Relationships

Module Lesson: Our relationships can be our greatest source of happiness, and our greatest source of pain.

  • how do your relationships feel?

Module 11: Emotional/Binge Eating

Module Lesson: Binge / emotional eating leaves us feeling out of control and ironically, empty.

  • How to feel back in control and fulfilled in your life

Module 12: Toxic Beliefs

Module Lesson: What we believe about how our bodies should look and feel, does not generally come from us, it is ingrained in us over our life.
  • What toxic belief do you believe about your body to be true?

BONUS MODULE – Sexuality

Our relationships with our bodies, affects our sexuality. It affects how we “sexy” we feel, and intimacy with our partners.

* Included when either the 12 or 24 week program is paid for in full at the beginning of the program

My goal for the program

My goal for you with this program is to help you heal your relationship with your body. To stop the war against your body and to stop seeing it as the enemy, as something to be fixed. To give you the freedom to live your life without obsessively trying to change it, whether by excessive exercise, overeating or undereating, binge eating or even excessive levels of stress. Your body is already perfect, as it is today!!

 Your body is already perfect, as it is today!!

Which Program is right for me?

  • The 12week program is for you if you want to gain a deeper understanding of your relationship to your body and help you to experience freedom.
  • The 24week program is for you if you want dive deep into the drivers of your behaviours in regards to your relationship with your body and help you heal any hurts that may be buried.

*Note, some module’s between the 12 or 24 week program may be inter-changed dependent upon the specific issues of concern to you to ensure you get maximum benefit from the program.

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