Self Care Sundays – Stillness

“Quiet the mind so the soul can speak” We are heading rapidly towards Christmas and the ending of another year. Life has picked up pace these past couple of weeks with everybody seeming to want something yesterday! There are social occasions to attend, regular life commitments to keep up with, business to finalise and the … Read more

Self Care Sundays – Permission!

“Dream and give yourself permission to envision a YOU, that you choose to be” So often in life, we find ourselves acting a certain way, living a certain way, behaving a certain way, all because we feel that that is what is expected of us. That we need to fit a particular mould that “society … Read more

Self Care Sundays – Pleasure

Sometimes the simplest of pleasure’s, can bring about the great sense of peace and serenity. Pleasure can be derived from simply watching kids play, enjoying your morning coffee, watching a sunrise, or sunset, watching a movie, having a beautiful meal, a warm loving hug from the person you love the most, reading a good book, … Read more