Self Care Sundays! ROMANCE!

Self Care Sundays! ROMANCE! Valentines Day….Romance is in the air….. The perfect day to romance and pamper yourself! Valentine’s Day is all about LOVE……..That includes, SELF LOVE! Self-love comes from self-care….So what better way to experience Valentine’s Day this year than Romancing yourself! Whether you have a partner, or are single, it is time to … Read more

Wellness Wednesday! Love yourself more than the cupcake!

Love yourself more than the cupcake! This year, focus on loving yourself more than whatever your go to emotional eating trigger is, whether that be a cupcake, chocolate bar, cheesecake, chips, macaroon, etc. Ask yourself, the following the questions; 1.  What am I really craving? 2. Will this food / drink give me the satisfaction … Read more