The Body Love Experience, Module One

Module One of The Body Love Experience! This module is all about self care, self love and self compassion. Whilst we open our coaching experience with a fun module, it can be confronting. We dive into what are your current self care practices, whether getting your hair done, a massage, spending time with friends, being … Read more

Self Care Sundays – Unconditional Love!

Love yourself unconditionally. Love your partner unconditionally. Love your friends unconditionally. Love your life unconditionally. When we are born, we are loved unconditionally. We also love unconditionally. Then as life events start to affect us, we become un-trusting and we start questioning and challenging motivations of those around us. Our fur babies are a mirror … Read more

Self Care Sundays – Gentleness!

  Today, be gentle on yourself…. Be gentle on your husband, wife, partner, friends… Be gentle with your pets… Be gentle on everybody you come into contact with, whether the barista at the coffee shop, the attendant at the petrol station, be gentle. You don’t know deeply how another person is feeling at any given … Read more