You Are So Much So Much More Than Your Reflection

I was lying in a hospital bed, and it was night time… I could hear the sounds of the nurses rushing around to the different rooms, the beeping of varying medical equipment, the sounds of other patients clearly in pain and unable to sleep either. I couldn’t sleep because I was scared. I was in … Read more

The Messiness of life – Love and loss….

The Messiness of life….Love and loss Just over six years ago, I attended my very first vipassana meditation retreat. You know, the silent meditation retreat? Yes, 10 days of pure silence, no talking. So many people in my life laughed and said there is no way you can be silent for 10 days! Whilst mentally … Read more

Monday Motivation! Let the adventure begin!

Monday Motivation! Let the adventure begin! Embrace the adventure that is the new year! What are your goals and intentions in this amazing new year?? What are your hopes and dreams? Let the experiences, good or bad from the past year go and embrace the adventure of the new year! It is a fresh start, … Read more