Work with Me

Work with Me

When every second of every day is spent thinking about how you look, what you weigh, what you’re going to eat or not eat, how much exercise you’ll need to do after you do eat, there isn’t much room left for love in your life… is there?

Have you reached that point where your worth and esteem is so diminished it feels unidentifiable? The symptoms extend beyond chronic dieting and overeating and can impact your entire life. You may feel unworthy of quality relationships, not charge what you’re worth, accept poorer-quality jobs than you’re qualified for, or lack the motivation to care for yourself. You may live in fantasy, believing a better body, a better relationship, a better… something, will make it all different.

But it doesn’t. The relief is only ever temporary. Inevitably the old behaviours return and the cycle starts all over again. It’s time for something different. You’ve done it on your own for long enough—hiding parts of yourself away, stopping anyone from ever seeing the real you. Having the courage to breathe through it and take even a little step forward is a victory in itself.

It’s time to let go of the mental prison you are existing in now, and move toward a life of freedom from the way you think, feel and act around food and your body. 

When you surround yourself with the right people and have the willingness to move forward in your recovery, your journey towards having a positive relationship with your body unfolds naturally.

I love being able to support women from all over the world!

Ways to work with me

The Self Love Soul Sessions Workshops

The Self-love Soul Sessions is not just about self-love, The Self-love Soul Sessions is a journey. A journey through every area of self.

Are you ready?

The Self Love Soul Sessions workshops will be held monthly, with a different topic of self to work through.

The workshops will be a safe nurturing environment to support you to work through the topic for the month, such as self-worth, or self-respect.

It will include guest speakers to help you engage more with the topic, along with rituals, activities and exercises to support you deepening into the topic for the month.

The Self Love Soul Warrior Program

The Self-Love Soul Warriors is a collective of beautiful women journeying home to themselves. Reconnecting with the light within.
Reconnect with YOU and your body!

With 8 Core Modules delivered via email over 16 weeks — you will have access to fortnightly coaching calls , our private Facebook group and dedicated email support throughout the full term of the program.

Each module contains activities and exercises to connect you to the topic and your relationship with your body, aka, self-worth and how that impacts on your relationship with your body and with food; Daily journalling exercises; Meditations; a Facebook group with other members for support, and where I will conduct FB lives. There will be a live workshop for every topic module that you will receive a discounted ticket for if you are based in Melbourne.

Mind Body Coaching

Every single woman is unique and beautiful in her own right. When I work with women one on one, it is incredibly important to me that each woman feels safe, seen and understood.

More than anything else, I want you to know that freedom IS possible!

When a little bird is learning to fly, she’s not simply pushed from the nest. She’s nurtured over time until she has the strength to fly on her own. I understand recovery takes time, and I’m here to share this journey with you. My one-on-one coaching packages are available in 3- and 6-month blocks.

Each new client who signs up receives a complimentary consultation so we can ensure our therapeutic relationship is a good fit. This is my gift to you because I believe you’re worth it and I want you to feel safe and supported in your work with me.

Once we get started, we work one-on-one over skype or in person, to unpick what’s going on for you and heal your relationship to food and your body. I approach every person’s recovery differently based on their unique needs, and we take the time to uncover what’s working and what’s not, the beliefs that are driving you, ways to reframe these beliefs, practices you can use to create balance and harmony in your life and I’m here to support you along the way.

The Body Love Experience

This is my signature online course where you’ll discover how to repair your relationship with your body and with food.

Fall in love with yourself all over again!

With 8 Core Modules delivered via email over 16 weeks — PLUS your selection of one 2-week bonus module at the end — you will have access to fortnightly coaching calls (either 1:1 or group coaching), our private Facebook group and dedicated email support throughout the full term of the program.

Finally uncover the illusions for what they really are. Learn healthier ways to prioritise and set boundaries, reclaim power over your negative beliefs, tune in to your body’s innate wisdom, explore your deepest desires and enjoy simple pleasures in wholesome nourishment—body, mind and soul.

The Self Love Sunday Online Circle

Every second Sunday, I will be hosting an online sister circle focusing on how we can bring in more self-care and self-love into our lives.

Sit in circle with like-minded souls, every second Sunday.

The online circle will include meditations, guidance and tips to support the area being discussed, along with of course, oracle card readings. I will pull a card for the group and for the first three people that are in attendance for the circle.

The purpose of the circle is to bring together like minded souls into a place where they can feel safe to learn and grow and express themselves. Sitting in circle in person requires active participation and engagement, and whilst this circle will be online, the way to gain the most benefit is to actively participate and engage in discussions when you feel comfortable to do so. I will not be forcing anybody to engage if they are not comfortable to do so, but the more you do, the more you may receive from our online space.

Happy clients