Self Care Sundays – Support!



“A true relationship is someone who accepts your past, supports your present, loves you and encourages your future”

Every single one of us, needs support at some point in our lives.

Accepting the support of another, is the most beautiful self-care tip you can give to yourself.

I was recently at an all-day conference with the life-coaching academy that I am studying with, and the owner of the academy, and lead coach said at the end of the evening, about three important words, all beginning with F. They were friendship, fear and faith.

When she was talking about friendship, she strongly encouraged us to not walk this path alone, to build a tribe of beautiful people around us to support us, encourage and motivate us on our journey as life coaches whilst we are building our business.

Building a business takes a lot of hard work, and self-belief and there are days were you truly do need the shoulder of another to support, encourage and motivate you to keep going.

The quote has had me thinking how often in my life I have been offered support, and when graciously accepted, the difference it made to me. That somebody was willing to invest their time, energy, knowledge, whatever was being offered to me, made an enormous impact.

I have been blessed with amazing mentors throughout my life who have been extremely kind to offer their support, guidance and wisdom when needed. Within my corporate career, I have worked predominantly in accounting or legal firms and have had the previlige of working with some extremely intelligent people who have been gracious with their time in supporting and teaching me.

I have also been blessed with amazing supportive mentors on my journey with my wellness studies and now, with building my business.

I have also being thinking about the times I have offered similar support to others, and how amazing being on the other side also feels. Knowing that you can help another person, whether that be to drive them somewhere, pick something up for them, support them with their studies, or mind their pet or children for them, babysit their house whilst on holidays, always makes me feel good.

Being supported on our journey’s through life feels amazing, it increases our self-care and self-love, but also never under-estimate how it can also feel to support another. No matter how small or large that support may be.

I feel so extraordinarily blessed to found a beautiful tribe of women that I am studying with and can’t wait to see how our friendship, love and support of each other and our dreams continue to flourish as the months and years move on.

As part of your self-care routine, how can you support another today? How can you say yes to another offering support?? Let go of the belief that we have to do everything alone, and if somebody offers support, graciously accept and know that in doing so, you are improving your self-care and self-love.

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