Self Care Sundays – Stillness


“Quiet the mind so the soul can speak”

We are heading rapidly towards Christmas and the ending of another year.

Life has picked up pace these past couple of weeks with everybody seeming to want something yesterday! There are social occasions to attend, regular life commitments to keep up with, business to finalise and the to do list seems to get bigger, not smaller.

I had found myself having lots of headaches again, and not sleeping and my mind constantly in overdrive. I had started to find myself mentally scanning my to do list whilst trying to go to sleep, and had begun to allow my spiritual practices that keep me balanced, to slip. I was having 2-3 coffees per day, and was feeling jittery and overwhelmed.

When I get into this state, I am actually extremely un-productive and get myself into a spiral of negativity because I am not actually achieving anything, and get frustrated because there is so much I feel I need to do. Picture the duck who looks calm as they float along a lake but legs underneath the water going 100 miles an hour. That is how I found myself.

I saw a post from a beautiful coach I met through where I studied my life coaching in her Facebook group about goal setting and how you wanted to feel come 31 December with what you had achieved. What would I be most proud to have achieved and ticked off my list. After a brief chat with her on the post, I knew I had to book in a session with her and set some simple goals to achieve for myself in December so I can feel that sense of accomplishment.

That session was Tuesday, and OMG, it has shifted everything for me. We barely talked about the goals, but discussed time management, how to truly switch off the overwhelm and the importance of rest, and of stillness.

It reminded me of the importance of my own health and wellness and how being in such a state is so detrimental to my own healing and whilst being able to tick some things of my goals list for the year would be great, I would prefer to arrive at 31 December feeling healthier and stronger.

My priorities now for the balance of the year, is to find as much stillness and rest instead of trying to keep pushing myself, so that I can head into 2017 feeling stronger and healthier than ever before.

At this time of the year, please do not forget to prioritise your self-care.  What is the one small thing that you can do daily that will give you that sense of quiet, and peace and stillness?

Within the stillness you create, you allow your soul to speak. You allow your body wisdom to communicate and within the stillness, you can truly listen. Is it by promising yourself 10mins of meditation twice a day, is it getting up early and doing a yoga class or even yoga at home, is it having a bath at the end of the day, turning the lights off and listening to some relaxing music.

There are enough stressors around at this time of the year with Christmas, family pressures, financial pressures, work pressures, so for your own self-care, promise yourself to find even 10mins a day of complete stillness and allow your mind to switch off.

Give yourself a chance to head into 2017 feeling calmer, and you may just be surprised how much you do end up achieving!

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