Self Care Sundays – Relax

“Relax and let go, if it is meant to happen, it will find a way”

Whilst there is so much irony in this week’s self-care tip, the importance of it cannot be under-estimated.

A week out from Christmas Day itself, there is last minute shopping to do, meals to prepare, house to clean, social occasions to attend, and still, general life to take care of. How you can you possibly find time in all of that to relax!

But finding even 10mins a day to switch off your mind, whether through lying on the couch without your mobile phone, going for a walk by yourself, lying in a hot relaxing bath, meditating, without any other form of distraction around you, is what will ensure that you achieve more, without the standard anxiety and stress.

We all have a massive list of things that we may have wanted to happen in 2016, and they may not have at this stage, and we think, if we just continue to work hard towards them, we can make them happen, but in reality, the more pressure we add to ourselves to make them happen, the more unlikely they are to happen.

I have been trying to push myself towards completing a couple of online courses in the past two weeks that I have believed I needed to that would assist me in arranging a workshop I am planning in February. I thought that to progress my workshop and ensure I do it the best I possibly can, I need to finish both of the online courses before I even start marketing it. It has been causing immense stress. When I get home from work, I am thinking about it, stressing about making time to do it, and that I am running out of time to market the event properly, but I need to get the course done.

Guess what, it still isn’t done. And I have accepted that I am not going to catch up eight modules, that are meant to be done over eight weeks, in two weeks. I have decided to relax, let go of the need to try to force myself during the Christmas craziness to get it done, and if I don’t get to it, I don’t, and if I do, I do. It is not going to stop me being able to market the workshop over the coming week.

Sometimes we want things to be a certain way, to happen in a certain time frame and when they don’t, we get frustrated, angry and stressed. We speak unkindly to our loved ones, and ourselves.

In the lead up to Christmas and New Year period, try to remember to relax, breathe, and not get so stressed about what you feel needs to be done, and in what way.

You may have a certain way for something to be done, and others may have a different way. Neither way is right or wrong, so learn to let go, relax and breathe. If it is meant to happen, it will happen. The way it is meant to happen, in the time that it is meant to happen.

The less stress you allow into your life in this holiday period, and the more relaxation and self-care you can welcome into the holiday period, the healthier Christmas period you will have.

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