Self Care Sundays – Permission!


“Dream and give yourself permission to envision a YOU, that you choose to be”

So often in life, we find ourselves acting a certain way, living a certain way, behaving a certain way, all because we feel that that is what is expected of us.

That we need to fit a particular mould that “society or family” has placed upon us.

“Give yourself permission to act like a child, to view the world with wonder and excitement, to let your mind be free!”

Last night, a friend and I made a date to go to the movies and dinner, and I didn’t tell him what movie I wanted to see because I knew he would likely make fun of me. I had no idea why I wanted to see it, but I knew I didn’t want to see anything heavy and serious, there is enough of that in the world.

So we went and saw Trolls. Yes, Trolls, the cartoon movie with Justin Timberlake! Cue eyes rolling, laughing, judgement of the craziness and why an adult would see a kid’s movie, blah, blah, blah..

But the one thing I learned from a former flat mate who’s favourite movie was Wall-E, kids movies sometimes have brilliant messages for all of us.

The message within Trolls was a simple one. We are all happy. We all have happiness within us. And sometimes life gets to us and we lose the ability to be happy. To smile, to sing, to laugh, to have fun, to dance, and just enjoy our life.

Whether it be through a stress life event like loss of job, or break up of a relationship, dark clouds can shadow of our heads for periods of our life, but that doesn’t mean that happiness, that joy, that unconditional love, doesn’t remain within us.

Whilst it can be hard, I believe sometimes we just need to give ourselves permission to be happy.

Permission to laugh, to dance, to have fun. Or permission to go on that holiday that we have been dreaming of instead of “being sensible” and paying for something practical like a new fridge, or bed, or whatever. Or maybe it’s permission to change our careers, or have had a diet free day every week or month (I won’t start on dieting in this post!), or permission to not exercise today, or not do the dishes one day, or leave the housework for another day, or not continue a relationship with somebody we know is not healthy for us, whether intimate or friendship, or permission to buy the car of our dreams versus the practical one.

Life is short, it flies by and unfortunately, bad things happen to good people, and you never know when life is going to change for you, so why not just embrace everyday with love, with joy, with fun, with laughter instead of focusing solely on whatever has bought dark clouds your way of recent times.

Sure people may judge you, may question you, but it is YOUR LIFE, not theirs.

And yes, last night when seeing Trolls, I was sitting next to a 8-10 year old that kept staring at me when I was either laughing uncontrollably (I’m sorry, but one Troll pooped cup cakes, one Troll farted glitter, it was funny!), or when I was crying (happy tears), but I didn’t care.  I gave myself permission to be ME. I enjoy funny movies and if something is funny, I am going to laugh, or if it is sad, I’m going to cry! And for those wondering, yes my friend enjoyed the movie as well!

This self-care Sunday, where in your life can you give yourself permission to be happy? Whether it is as small as choosing to have cake with your afternoon tea or coffee, or something as big as the holiday you have always dreamed of, or the car of your dreams??

Enjoy your life, and every now and then, forgot about what others may think and live your life, for you. You only need your permission to ENJOY YOUR LIFE!


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