Self Care Sundays – Forgiveness!


This week’s self-care tip is a biggy!

Not necessarily an easy one either, I will grant you that, but forgiveness is such a massive step in our self-care and self-love.

I want to focus this week’s tip on forgiveness of self, but of course, there is forgiveness on many other areas. It could be forgiveness of a parent, sibling, partner, friend, relative, a boss, a work colleague or any person that you feel has hurt you.

But this week, focus on forgiving yourself. You didn’t get the job you wanted and you beat yourself up for not having answered a question in the interview the best you could have, or you had your heart broken but the man or woman of your dreams because maybe you drank too much over dinner, or acted a certain way that put them off; or you put on a couple kilograms and now all your clothes are tight; or you went shopping for clothes and purchased way too much and now you have a massive credit card bill and can’t pay the rent.

Whatever it is, forgive yourself.

Holding on to guilt, shame, embarrassment of any kind, is detrimental to your health, especially your mental health which massively impacts your self-love.

It is easy to beat ourselves up at the drop of a hat for the smallest, insignificant things, but when we do things that we feel are going to impact our future’s, it is much harder to let it go and forgive ourselves. But that is the reason why we need to forgive ourselves, because otherwise that guilt will impact our future’s in a negative way. It will affect our relationships, our moods, and self-confidence and limit any impact of more positive situations, people and circumstances entering our lives.

Let it go, forgive yourself so more amazing people, situations and circumstances can enter your life and improve your life, and of course, your self-love.

As for others in your life you feel you need to forgive. Whether a partner that cheated on you, a boss that didn’t promote you over somebody less experienced, a parent who hurt, a sibling that hurt you, whilst not always as easy, you need to forgive them for your own self-care and self-love.

Carrying around the pain and hurt of the betrayal of whatever you feel that person has done, will only hurt you, not them. That pain and hurt will be impacting your daily life, including other relationships, whether you can see it or not. I think this quote says it all, “Forgiveness doesn’t excuse their behaviour, forgiveness prevents their behaviour from destroying your heart” – Unknown.

Forgive yourself, and dig deep and try to forgive others you feel have hurt you. Doing so will allow you freedom, peace and a whole lot of self-care and self-love!

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