Self Care Sundays – Appreciation

“Expect nothing and appreciate everything”

At this time of the year, it is really easy to take things for granted.

We take for granted our friends, our family, our home (no matter how small or large), we take for granted the food we have on our tables, the presents under the Christmas tree, the annoying Christmas Carols, etc, etc, etc.

We may not receive the gifts we expect, have a challenging day with family, or the weather is too hot or too cold, or the food isn’t perfect, or there is terrible traffic on the drive to where you spend the day.

But today, Christmas Day, please try to really appreciate every single thing that you do have.

There are others spending Christmas Day alone, without the money to buy presents for their children, without the money to buy a Christmas tree, without a roof over their heads, without food on the table, maybe not able to spend with family.

Whilst you may feel a level of frustration, or angst about maybe not being able to afford to even buy the Christmas present you would really like to for a loved one, or all of your loved ones, but I promise you, all they want for Christmas is to spend the day with you. It will not be about how big the present is or isn’t.

It is so easy to get caught up on what you don’t have, or what you didn’t receive, or what you don’t want to do, or where you don’t want to be, but I promise you one thing, there are others out there that want and desire the one thing you are complaining about or dreading.

I remember when I was little, maybe 8-10 years old, and we didn’t have a lot of money, there was one Christmas that we woke up to find Santa hadn’t left that many gifts for my brother, sister and I. I remember opening my gift to find a coffee mug (irony, didn’t drink coffee then, now, I drink too much of it!), and I still remember every aspect of that mug.

It was white, it was heavy, and it had a picture on of two cartoon like characters that were in orange and black, and the message on it said, “God helps those that help themselves”. We were not a religious family at all, but I remember reading that mug and feeling absolute appreciation for it. I knew our family was different, that we didn’t have a lot of money, and I knew that my parents had done the best they could and had put thought into the mug and message on the mug.

That year, Christmas shifted for me. I began to appreciate that it isn’t about the gifts, it is about who you share the day with. When I was 25, on Christmas Eve, my dad suffered acute heart failure. He was taken by ambulance late one night to a hospital an hour away from where we lived. That Christmas Day, we spent in the hospital with dad and I truly appreciated the Doctors and Nurses who were away from their families on Christmas Day and were looking after our family.

This Christmas Day, and every day of the year, appreciate everything you do have. Appreciate those you spend the Christmas Day with, whether they are your real family, or with friends; appreciate every morsel of food, appreciate every gift you receive, appreciate the home you spend the day in, appreciate your crazy Aunt’s and Uncle’s that embarrass you. Because when they aren’t there, you will miss them.

When you truly appreciate everything that you are blessed to have, you will have so much more. So today, relax, and enjoy, and openly just appreciate your loved ones, the gifts, the food, everything.

Appreciating, relaxing, laughing, and truly enjoying the day, will absolutely sky rocket your self care!!


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