Self Care Sunday – Spring Clean!


It’s spring time here in Australia! Yeah!

Means the sun is back out after a cold winter! Time to celebrate, and to come out of hibernation!

Time to do a SPRING CLEAN! Yep, time to de-clutter the house, donate all of your old clothes to charity, clean out the kitchen cupboards of foods that are well past there expiry date, mow the lawn, tidy your work desk of paperwork, clean out the bathroom cupboards, clean the car. It sadly sounds quite exciting doesn’t it!

But what about our mind? What about our relationships? What about our old ways limited ways of thinking and being? These need to be de-cluttered to!

We need to place as much importance on de-cluttering these area’s as we do of our homes.

Our mind is so full of limiting beliefs about who we are and they impact daily on our peace and happiness.

Maybe you believe that don’t have the man in your life you desire because you believe you have 5kgs to lose, or you don’t have the job of dreams because you aren’t qualified enough, or you don’t ask for that long over-due pay-rise because you got knocked back last time.

Life is not meant to be limited in anyway, for anybody.

Maybe you have friendships or even a partner that don’t support your dreams or make you feel bad about yourself somehow, or you have a limiting belief that you are only ever meant to earn a certain salary from a 9am-5pm job, when that is just not the case.

My parents had a business when I was growing up. I saw how hard it was for them, my dad was up at 5am and out of the house by 6am and not home most nights until after 6pm. When I was four years old (and I am the youngest in our family), my mum went back to work to help support the household. Even with that, the business did not succeed. In the early 1990’s, there was a recession, interest rates were high, and my parents were forced to sell our home and we moved from suburbia to the country. Not long after, my parents closed down the business and my dad went back into a “9am-5pm” job with our local council and stayed there until he retired.

Watching all of this unfold, I promised myself I would never ever own my business, that I would also stay within the safety of paid employment where I didn’t have that responsibility to pay the bills myself, that I could earn a wage and feel “safe” in that knowing.

Such an extraordinarily limited way to think, but it was a powerful story that I had experienced.

For such a long time, this story, cluttered my mind and prevented me from starting my business. Until the desire to want to support others reach the highest version of themselves grew stronger than that story.

To truly live your best life, this self-care Sunday, sit down and think about where in your life may need some spring cleaning! Are there relationships that may need to end?  Stories around money that need to cleared out of your mind?

What is your greatest desire for your life? What is preventing it? Be honest! Is there potentially a story or limited belief you have that is preventing it becoming your reality? Then isn’t it time to de-clutter that belief from your mind and make space for infinite possibilities to come true??!

Clearing your mind of the clutter of limited beliefs and old “stories” is an act of true self love as it allows the space for your hopes and dreams to come to you in ways you never believed they could.

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