Rest, renew, re-birth…

It’s been just over four years since I launched my business…

I set it up with such hope, conviction, purpose and excitement!

I had been studying towards my Masters of Wellness from RMIT university, I had completed my health coaching certification through IIN, I had completed my eating psychology certification through IPE and I was going to change the world!

I excitedly got my website built, business cards created and brochure created and off I went. 1 November 2014, launch day, excitement overload!

I was going to change the world with a health and wellness coaching program!

Two months later, I signed up for B-School as I loved Marie Forleo’s energy and just knew it would support me on my mission to help others attain amazing health and wellbeing.

Four months later, my little girl puppy passed away very unexpectedly, a week later, my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer, three months later a 26 yo friend passed away, a further three months later, my dad passed away.

During this whole time, and thanks to B-School, I fine tuned my offerings and decided I would focus on supporting those with body image issues and challenges with their relationship with food, so launched The Body Image Freedom Project. I started working 1:1 with other female entrepreneur business coaches to help me launch the program, and start managing the marketing more tightly than I had been.

In 2016, the following year, I had several health issues that landed me in hospital three separate times, with two surgeries, and an intimate relationship that went horribly wrong and I ended up being sexually assaulted and landed in hospital for five days.

In 2016, I also study life coaching for nine months, and on 1 September 2016 I launched The Body Love Experience, to replace my original body image focused offering.

2017 rolls around and I sign up to a Mastermind Program, praying for the support and guidance of a sisterhood of successful women to help me grow my business. It leads me to studying sister circle training, and offering my coaching from a crystal healing centre. Non of these experiences “pay off” and by 2018, I am deflated, exhausted, confused and loosing faith.

2018 rolls around and I start the year with the devastating news my older pup is extremely sick and not expected to last longer than six weeks. March 2018 I leave the corporate world permanently and decided to gift myself three months of “self care” and heal from some pretty challenging years. Post those three months I work with a healer and encourages me to get back out there with my business and I launch The Self Love Soul Sessions and The Self Love Soul Warrior Program in October 2018. Whilst alot of support and was received positively, very few sign up and my confidence is rocked again.

By this stage, my older dog, who had overcome multiple health challenges throughout the year, starts becoming more obviously unwell, and requires much more support day to day, and on 5 December, he transitions post a short battle with herniated discs and kidney failure.

When I was in my early 20’s, I went to a clairvoyant that said to me I would have my own business.

My response, absolutely not, my parents had their own business and it collapsed and they lost everything including our family home.

I am never going to leave the security of paid employment…

She said to me, that was their journey, not yours, you will have your own business, and you will write books.

Even with limited success these past four years, I still love my business, and the offerings I have created.

But what I have come to realise, your business is only as “healthy” as you are.

These past four years, I have not been 100% healthy, both physically and mentally and it has impacted the passion and consistency of time and energy I invested into it’s success. Whilst I can now acknowledge that for large parts of these past four years I was suffering from depression, during it, I just felt that if I pushed on through, success in business and life in general would come.

Having this understanding, I am trying to be as compassionate as I can be with myself, and finally seeking the right support that I need to get back to that place of hope, excitement and optimism about not only my business and it’s offerings, but personally as well.

In saying all of this, what it means is that whilst my business will remain open, the social media accounts associated with the website will be closed.

These past four years have been challenging and these social media accounts remind me of those times, and I want a fresh start. I will set up new social media accounts that will be linked to the website, but I will no longer be active in the current social media accounts from today.

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  1. Your honesty and openness, you are inspiring. Be selfish, fo what you need to do for you. Deserve the very best. Your value is immense.

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