Remember why you started!

Remember why you started!

Remember why you started

Since my little girl passed away almost 13 weeks ago, I have been grieving. I have been processing a torrid of emotions. Add into that my father was diagnosed with prostate and pelvic cancer, and being in a hostile corporate work environment, and the multiple other things seemingly toppling over around you, it is hard to remember you dreams.

Some days it is hard to breathe. Some days it is hard to get out of bed and face the day. Some days, you don’t even remember what day it is, let alone the fact you need to eat.

Your head is so clouded; so much so you can’t even hold one thought in your mind for more than a second. The alarm goes off in the morning and for that split second; life is wonderful until the fog sinks straight down and clouds any other thoughts. You are on autopilot and happy that you remember you need to brush your teeth and do your hair before you leave the house.

Then you get reminders here and there that you have a business to also take care of. You have clients that need you, so you pull yourself together to help them.

Then you go back to trying to battle bullies in your corporate work environment, trying to think of something other than eggs again for dinner and all the while wondering when the cloud will lift and you will again remember your dream, your purpose.

Two weeks ago, after a particularly challenging  work day where I had spent a lot of the day in tears, I went to bed feeling absolutely defeated and not knowing the next step. I woke the next morning, and that was it, enough was enough, the fog had begun to lift and I began to feel my strength return.

I went to personal training, and had an awesome hard core conditioning session and my trainer said to me, “dominate the day, don’t let it dominate you”……I thought about that on the way home and feel empowered.  During that day, I was talking to fellow colleague also having a very challenging time in the work environment and I said to her “I am not sure why I am in such an unpleasant work environment again”, and she said to me, “same reason I am, you are not following your dream, the reason why you were put on this earth, to help other people live their best life”. It clicked. I had forgotten my dreams. My why. Why did I start my business in the first place?

I had lost the connection as to why I had spent the past five years studying health and wellbeing. Why I had spent the last eight years with a personal trainer who was teaching me so much about not only fitness, but mental health and wellbeing.

My dream when I started this business, was to ensure that nobody lived a day with an unhealthy relationship with food and their body.  That nobody experienced the pain that comes from living your life in a self-built prison where you torture yourself every single day.

My dream is that everybody experiences freedom. To feel empowered to live the best life they possibly can by liberating themselves with positive relationships in all aspects of their lives and living a life they could never have imagined for themselves.

Every year, I watch some form of reality TV, wether music, entertainment or food related. Think The Voice or Masterchef. I watch these shows because I LOVE seeing people not only living their dreams, but being supported, encouraged and motivated by those on the show. Whether it is the mentors on The Voice that believe in their team members, or Shannon Bennett on Masterchef, for those of us sitting at home with a dream of our own, watch as others in the same position as you or I, are living their dreams and being supported to do so.

In recent weeks, I have become slightly addicted to the American show, Extreme Weight Loss. And no, not just because the host and trainer is hot, or has the same surname, but because these morbidly obese people are given the support, mentally, physically, nutritionally, but most importantly, emotionally, to live their dreams. You see them go from people without hope, to coming through the darkness to taking living their dreams and finding purpose again.

That is my DREAM. To inspire people to fully embrace and live the life that they only dreamed was possible. They haven’t been able to believe in themselves and just need somebody on their side to believe in them, and show them the way. To love and support them when they can’t do it for themselves.

I have been blessed to have somebody there to do that for me for eight years, and the only request for that constant support and belief, PAY IT FORWARD.

So whilst this year has absolutely kicked my butt, and kicked it hard and had me question every single thing in my life…..It has taught me a lot.

The biggest thing it has taught me…..Remember your dreams…..ALWAYS….

And to NEVER, EVER give up on them. And when you are having a really dark day, and you want to scream in anger and frustration, or hide under the doona, remember that dream, and remember WHY you started…..there you will find your inspiration to keep going…..

Lastly, if you are struggling with weight, body image issues, digestion, etc…..Search deep inside and ask yourself, what is the dream I had for my life that is unfilled?? The dream I have never shared with anybody and ask yourself, why haven’t I dared follow that dream?? Why not me?? Why not now?? Allow yourself to feel the freedom that comes with owning just that!

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