Are you ready to head into Summer with your Ideal Body?? November Special!!


Are you ready to head into Summer with YOUR IDEAL BODY??!

Yep, got your attention right??

For those that know me well, will know that this does not include dieting of any kind!!

How long are we going to believe that to have our ideal bodies, means food restriction of some kind or changing our bodies through intense exercise??

For such a large part of my life, I was on some kind of diet. It started at age 10 when I did the HerbaLife program with my mum and sister. Then it was on to Jenny Craig in my teenage years, the “Life Be In It Diet”, through to HCG 500calorie per day diet. Every diet making promises of weight loss.Of course I lost weight, and then put it back on, plus more!

Every single of these programs making promises of, “have your ideal body in time for Summer”, or some such promise.

Whilst we all know it, we still do it. But deep inside, we know diet’s don’t work!

Diets are not going have you fall in love with your body….

Sure, losing the 10kgs, or 20kgs, is going to increase your self-confidence, you will feel healthier and stronger and motivated.  (I’ve been there numerous times, I know the elation that comes with large weight loss)

But what happens when you hit your “ideal weight”??  Do you love your body? Do you finally have “your ideal body”?  And when you come off that diet, how do you then need to fuel your body to maintain that weight loss?

It is a crazy viscous cycle that we have all done at some point! It isn’t sustainable!

I am going to let you in on a little secret…


Your body is BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT, NOW!

Trying to “fix” your body via dieting or excessive exercise or both, is actually causing everything you don’t wait, STRESS! When you stress your body, your body goes into “fight or flight” mode and you actually hold on to weight, and most of the time, add weight to your body!

Understanding and healing your relationship with your body, and with food, and helping you truly understand that YOUR BODY IS PERFECT NOW, is what I am passionate about!

I am passionate about, because I experienced it for 30 plus years. I don’t allow myself to think about what I could have achieved in my life with the time and money I invested into trying to change my body through crazy diets and crazy hours of exercise.

Let me help you to heal your relationship with your body, and with food, without the dieting bandwagon!

November is the anniversary month of my business, and because I want to support as many people as possible “achieve their IDEAL BODY for Summer!!”, I have an AMAZING offer on my core coaching program, The Body Love Experience!

For those that sign up during November, I am dropping the price on both the Group and 1:1 coaching program and including some pretty special bonuses!!

The Body Love Experience is a four-month program and includes amazing life changing modules that focus on;

– Self Care, Self Love and Self Compassion

– Understanding Body Image and Body Love

– Emotional, Binge and Overeating

– Chronic Dieting

– Desire

– Pleasure

– Sexuality

– and so many more

There are eight core modules that are completed over the four months, with a BONUS FREE Module of your choice, taken at the end of the four months, with five amazing topics to choose from!

Whilst there are core modules, the program will be personally tailored to address your specific concerns.

Sign up during November for either 1:1 coaching or the Group Program and you will receive the following Bonuses!

– a beautiful Kikki K Journal for you to use during our work together! (you will need this!!)

– a free ticket to The Body Love Experience Live Workshop in February 2017 (for those in Melbourne &/ or Australia)

PLUS, if paid in full before the end of November,

– a gift package filled with beautiful self-care goodies, including the beautiful Self Care Play Book from the Happi Empire and goodies from Lemon Canary!

Pre-work takes place during December with weekly tasks for everybody (either 1:1 or group coaching) that signs up; with coaching starting Monday 9 January, 2017! *can begin earlier if by agreement starting December 2016!

November pricing below!!

  • Group program drops to $730!!

 (that’s less than $200 a month that gives you not only all of the amazing content and access to me, but also a group of soul sisters (or brothers!) that will not only understand how you are feeling, but be your ongoing support and cheerleaders through the program!!)

–              1:1 Coaching drops to $1,050!!

(that’s less than $300 per month for personalised dedicated support to help you understand and heal your relationship with your body and with food!)

*Please note payment plans are available, please see website for details!

So are you ready to heal your relationship with your body, and with food, and have YOUR IDEAL BODY for Summer??

If you would like further information on the program, or if you are ready now, you can sign up directly at

To arrange an obligation free 30mins discovery call, email me at

*Whilst there, download my free e-book on The Body Love Experience that has lots of helpful exercises and tips to support you today!

You are worthy of loving every part of you, including your body! xxoo

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