What are primary foods anyway??

Primary foods are the key to living a healthy balanced life.

They are the area’s we never look at when craving the chocolate bar, glass of wine orcheesecake. Do we ever stop to think, why am I craving this chocolate bar so much when I am trying to drop weight and become healthier? There-in lies the key to un-locking so many of our frustrations.

Primary foods are so much more important than anything we eat or drink. They are the drivers of the food and drink choices we make every day.


Primary foods are;

–       Our relationships; to self and others;

–       Our career / work;

–       Our level of physical activity;

–       Our finances;

–       Our spirituality;

–       Our home;

–       Our environment;


When you have healthy relationships; you are happy and content within your chosen career; you have an adequate level of physical activity; when your finances are balanced; you have a strong personal spiritual practice; a happy content home, and are in a safe environment, you are able to satisfy your hunger for life. When these areas are balanced, your life “feeds” and “nourishes” you, making the food you eat, secondary.

Our secondary food, is therefore what we eat, such as the chocolate bar and cheesecake.

Whilst I am a firm believer that diets suck, and create way to much stress on the body (topic for another blog!!) have you not been on a diet, eating clean and healthy, following it religiously, and then bam, a fight with your boyfriend, stressful day at work, car breaks down, etc, and wow, all the sudden what do you find yourself consuming? That damn biscuit from the biscuit jar in the kitchen, or chocolate bar from the vending machine before you have even registered it. Or started a diet on a Monday, but by the end of the day, you are way off it.

According to IIN, when we use secondary food as a way to alleviate or suppress our hunger for primary foods, the mind and body suffer. Consequences can include health issues such as weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, cancer and more, because we are feeding ourselves, and primarily, over-feeding ourselves with secondary foods when we are really craving more balance in one or more of our primary foods. If you are not in balance, content and happy in all of your primary food areas, then stuffing down that chocolate bar, cheese cake, chips or wine will never satisfy your hunger.

Next time you have an intense desire for whatever it is you crave that you know is not the healthiest food or drink choice, stop and ask yourself, why is it that I want this? Do I enjoy my job, are my relationships healthy, are my finances in order? You get the drift.

This is still something I come back to when I find myself leaning back towards processed foods, chocolate biscuits (my weakness!), latte’s, etc, and I always find there is one of my primary foods out of balance and once I re-focus and re-balance that area, the cravings disappear.

To take a look at where you are sitting in regards to primary foods, download The Circle of Life under Free Things. Need some help reviewing it, or helping to get those Primary Foods back in balance, contact me and let’s have a chat!

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