When you need something to believe in, start with yourself!

Wow how time flies when you’re having fun!

It’s been a week since I launched my dream business, and wow, what a week!!

Last weekend, I launched the business, finished a final report for school of 1,500 words, had the all- important hair appointment, and decided in between all of that, to clean a two story house from top to bottom!

Super woman or super mad woman I hear you ask! Probably the latter if I’m honest!

I had scheduled a few days leave this week so I could catch up on life, but also the trillion things on my to-do list for the business.

Day one – Melbourne Cup Day; was a pyjama day! Yep, I stayed in my PJ’s for most of the day (except when I took the pups for a walk, I didn’t want to frighten the neighbourhood!), and I crashed and burned! My brain couldn’t function. I tried looking at social media to just check on the world and couldn’t even look at pictures on Instagram! I thought right, I will download a couple of movies on the trusty T-Box, yep, no, I lasted 40mins into the latest Cameron Diaz chick flick and had to turn it off, I couldn’t focus…. (I did finish it two days later, and it is very good!)

Following your dream and living your passion, is extremely hard work, but extremely rewarding! Making a difference in just one person’s life is a blessing, and one I do not take for granted. Every time a client has a break through, I feel blessed that I have been able to be part of that for them.

But the one thing nobody tells when you wake up on day and think hey, I love health and wellness, I love helping people, I’ll start a business, is HOW MUCH THERE IS TO LEARN! Sure, I had an AMAZING web designer create my beautiful site, but I have now had to learn how to manage it myself, learn how to use the program that distributes your content to your amazing subscribers, design brochures, business cards, banners and presentation templates, do a marketing plan, manage a budget for the business, let alone your own personal one, all whilst still doing what you set up the business for, helping your clients.

It is extremely hard work. It is an extremely emotional journey. You work hard because you want to make the difference to just one person, and that that is what drives you, day and night.

There have been many moments in the past few months, let alone years where I have questioned what I’m doing thinking I can create a business and live my passion. From a young age, I saw how hard running a business was from my parents. Why was I doing this? They hadn’t succeeded, so why was I crazy enough to go down the same path. Hadn’t I always said there is no way I would ever run my own business?

But, then I thought, why not me? If I believe in myself and my dream enough, then why not me? If I watch and learn from those around me running businesses, undertake as much business school training as what I can get (I studied two business school programs whilst completing my health coaching and eating psychology coaching certifications!), then why not me?

I am extremely blessed and grateful to have lived the life I have. It has not always been easy, and over time, I will share more about my experiences and how I got to where I am today. But every single experience I have had in my life, has lead me to believe in myself more deeply. I have been knocked down MANY times, and a lot of those times, it would have been easy to stay down. But I didn’t.

As Rocky Balboa said, “it isn’t about how hard you get hit, it’s about how hard you get hit and keep on moving forward”….

So when you are looking at following your dreams, and living your passion, and you have that self-doubt kick in, you question yourself, or you are looking for direction, or something to believe in, start with yourself! TRUST and BELIEVE in yourself, and NEVER look back!

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