My Story

My Story

If you’re experiencing a destructive, soul destroying relationship with your body and food, I want to help you find peace.

Hi, my name’s Michelle Powell and I’m an Eating Psychology Coach.

On this page, I’ll share with you why I’m so passionate about the work I do, and it all began with my own journey of recovery from Bulimia, Body Dysmorphic Disorder and food-related Social Anxiety Disorder. I want you to know that you are a precious soul, worthy of love, peace, happiness and freedom right now. If you would like to work with me, here’s how.

I’m dedicated to empowering you with the knowledge and support you need to live life to the fullest ~ in body, mind and spirit.

My Personal Journey with Bulimia

Everybody deserves to feel peace and happiness and love. I never believed I would. Well, not then anyway, when I was caught in an intense cycle of dieting, compulsive exercising, intense binging and purging, obsessive calorie counting and emotional eating. I knew it wasn’t good for me and I hated myself intensely for not having the power to control it. How could a $2 bag of lollies destroy my sanity every single day?? Why couldn’t I stop?? When I lost weight, I’d inevitably put it back on and hate myself even more. At my heaviest, I weighed around 120kg and at my leanest 65kg. It didn’t matter what I weighed, all I saw in the mirror was my 120kg body, as if the image had become fused to my mind’s eye and that was the filter through which I saw myself.

I would often hear how I was a “mistake” and an unwanted pregnancy for my parents; I was bullied at school and treated terribly in my relationships. All of this just served as further evidence in my mind of how unlovable and unwanted I felt.

I felt miserable and couldn’t see any way out. This was all I had ever known.

My behaviours eventually wore me down emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Then one day shopping with a friend, I came across a magic mirror—in a Freedom store of all places. Ha, the irony! I thought it looked like I’d lost half my size overnight, but I was seeing my true reflection for perhaps the first time. That ultimately prompted a series of serious conversations from loved ones and health and wellness professionals who I respected, all of which went a little something like this: ‘Michelle, I’m concerned about you. You are exercising excessively, barely eating, and you can’t see how much weight you have already lost…”. (You can read my blog about it here). Initially, I felt angry and incredibly betrayed by them, so I set out to prove them all wrong.

I found a treatment centre and after a number of psychology appointments and questionnaires, I was the one proven wrong. I was diagnosed with bulimia, body dysmorphia and social anxiety disorder. I couldn’t believe that, at the age of 36, I was being diagnosed with an eating disorder! I wasn’t super skinny, I wasn’t frail, and I wasn’t starving myself. I ate food. I ate a lot of food at times…embarrassing shameful amounts of food at times. It made no sense to me. I was humiliated and wanted to hide myself from the world. And I did, initially…

On reflection, the key that helped me open the door to recovery was being brave enough to be honest with just one person who I trusted.

It took me time to accept my diagnosis, but I finally surrendered and became willing to do whatever it took to be free once and for all. I made the choice to rise to the challenge of recovery. I sought out professional help and attended support groups in my area. With the unconditional acceptance I felt from these people, I slowly healed and grew to love my body. Despite everything I have put my body through, I have bounced back, fitter, stronger and healthier than ever.

Today, I can look in the mirror without judgement. I AM perfectly imperfect and I love that, because I’m UNIQUE!

I am free. The pain of living that lie every day was excruciating. I didn’t realise how exhausting and lonely it was until I experienced the freedom of living without it. I’d felt imprisoned by my mind. Every second was consumed by an internal conflict no-one around me could understand.

When I finally gave up the obsessive calorie counting and body hatred, life got a hell of a lot easier.

Today, I am dedicated to supporting other women, helping them heal and achieve the same sense of freedom I enjoy today.

My professional training commenced in 2009 when I began my Master’s Degree in Wellness through RMIT University. This helped me to understand food and nutrition differently. I learnt how the wellness concept extended to a whole, unified model of wellbeing. It opened my eyes and helped me to understand my journey on a deeper level. I was coming to learn how to make peace with my relationship with food and my body and felt a strong desire to help other women.

I began my career as a Health Coach after graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2013, then became a certified Eating Psychology Coach through the Institute for the Psychology of Eating in the Spring of that year.

I now specialise in helping women who experience body image issues, body dysmorphia, eating disorders, food addictions and emotional eating challenges.

 You can find the details here! Or email me for more details, I would love to connect with you.

My Professional Bio

Michelle Powell is an Eating Psychology Coach, Health & Wellness Coach and Life Coach who specialises in helping women who experience body image issues and a distorted relationship with food. Having recovered from Bulimia and Body Dysmorphic Disorder and food-based Social Anxiety Disorder, she has intimate experience in the gradual but incredibly rewarding journey of healing.

Following her passion for health, wellbeing, and alternative medicine, Michelle obtained a Masters of Wellness from RMIT University and qualifications from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Institute for the Psychology of Eating and the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy. She is also an Alumni of Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass and a Reiki  Level 1 and 2 Practitioner in the Usui lineage. Michelle has also trained in other spiritual modalities such as tarot, numerology, grief counselling and massage.

It is her mission to support women around the world to live and enjoy the best life possible. By helping women to resolve deeply held ‘nutritional toxic beliefs’, Michelle’s clients have reported enjoying greater peace and harmony within themselves, improved health and vitality, and freedom from the behaviours associated with disordered eating and body image issues.

To learn more about how you can work with her or if you would like to enquire about a speaking engagement, workshop or event, please connect with Michelle here or view her services.

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