That is the word I use to describe 2018.

It wasn’t an easy year, but it also wasn’t the hardest year.

The year tested me, stretched me in deeper, necessary ways, to wake me up to a new way of being.

The year started (day two of the year) attending an event when Goddess Kali was invited into our lives to support us. And for me, she stayed for a good six months!

Eight days after that event, Zaccy was diagnosed with massive lumps in his stomach and given 4-6 weeks to live.

I also entered the year on a suspended drivers license for demerit point loss, so that created some challenges through to May.

In March, my people management skills were called into question by a man accused of some unsavoury behaviours towards women he employed and I finally left the corporate world.

I spent the next three months in deep self-care, working with a healer to unravel some unwanted limitations, along with setting me on a path to the creation of The Self Love Soul Sessions/ Self Love Soul Warrior Program that launched in October.

In June I did a DNA test and opened the doorway to deeper research into my ancestral lineages, uncovering my family line, researching my paternal grandfather who was unknown to my father and my family. The research overall has led to finding new cousins and Uncles that were unknown previously. *Note, my DNA shows my heritage is very strongly Irish/Scottish/English/Welsh.

There were also some strained friendships that I have let go of to maintain my sanity.

In August undertook ceremonial sister circle training which I loved, and will introduce components of in my work in 2019. I also met some beautiful new sisters in this training that I am extremely grateful for.

In between all of that, started volunteering for Look Good Feed Good; found a further lump in my left breast and had it removed; discovered some challenging hormonal issues that are still being investigated, along with extremely low iron levels which is causing migraines. Irony, from age 29 to last month, I was told I had extremely high iron so needed to donate blood to remove the excess! No wonder I felt like crap after the last three donations in 2018!

Ending 2018 with loosing my beautiful little pup, Zaccy.

All of these events stretched me. Some more painful than others, but all were necessary to ensure that 2019 will be the most the joy filled and abundant year ever!

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