How to finally BELIEVE in yourself!

How to finally BELIEVE in yourself!

How to finally believe in yourself

Over the past month since launching my business, I have had amazing feedback about my website, the work I’m doing, and my passion for wanting to help others.

I am extremely grateful to everybody that has given me that feedback. I have been humbled and overwhelmed with the positive responses I have been receiving.

But I am going to be honest, as much as I am passionate about my work, and wanting to help people live healthier lives, I haven’t been the best at BELIEVING in myself. I know, not great.

Pre launching my business, I had my business and marketing plan done, knew my target market, how I wanted to approach them, was feeling extremely confident, couldn’t wait to launch so I could get out there, approach my target market, and get started.

But since launch day, I have been paralysed by fear. The idea of getting out in front of my target market terrifies me.  I have spoken to a few friends and colleagues about it, and they keep saying, but you are out there in front of people now with the website and your blogs. I have to explain to them, hiding behind a computer screen managing a business, is VERY different from going out in public to your target market and asking them to BELIEVE in you…..Because clearly, you don’t believe in yourself, so how could they?!

I have been thinking a lot about this fear, and I believe in my content and my business, I believe in the message, I believe my passion for wanting to create healthier, happier, empowered people is genuine. My fear comes down to feeling fraudulent because I still have my own health issues, and I still need to drop some weight, so why would my target market believe my message if I don’t present as the stereo-typical health and wellness coach??

So here is what I have come up with as to how to start to BELIEVE more in myself;

  1. LOVE yourself
  2. VALUE yourself
  3. RESPECT yourself
  4. TRUST yourself
  5. Have FAITH in yourself
  6. Be GENTLE on yourself
  7. Challenge the voice that tells you why something can’t work
  8. Remember why you started
  9. Deliver with PASSION
  10. Eliminate all judgement of self, and of others
  11. Remember all of your successes
  13. TURN UP consistently!
  14. Get out of your comfort zone
  15. Fake it until you make it! (from my mentor!)
  16. Step out of your comfort zone…even small ones!!
  17. Don’t take things personally
  18. Practice makes perfect!
  19. Surround yourself with people that believe in you and your dream!
  20. Start before you are ready! (courtesy Marie Forleo)
  21. Finally…..JUST DO IT!

So, before the end of the year….and that is less than four weeks away, watch out target market, I am stepping out of my comfort zone behind the screen and will be knocking on your door!

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