The Circle of Life – discover where you are at with your Primary Foods today!

Welcome to The Circle of Life!

Here is where you will learn where you are at in terms of your primary foods, i.e. career, relationships, finances, spirituality and much more.

The most important part of completing this exercise is to be honest. You are the only one that is going to view it. The only way we can improve in any area of our life is to first to acknowledge where we currently are at in a particular area.

Don’t be concerned if your Circle of Life is not balanced. Remember, this is the starting point. You can make changes if you want to. This is a tool that can help you identify what areas of your life are out of balance, and in fact be having an impact on your secondary food choices, i.e. reaching for that chocolate bar in the afternoon when you are on a “diet” and know it isn’t healthy for you. If our Circle of Life is in balance (i.e. our primary food), then we are more likely to make healthier secondary food choices.

If you need some help completing the Circle of Life, or would like to have a free 30mins consult to discuss what it all means and suggestions on how to improve in any of these areas, please contact me and let’s get you started on getting your primary foods back in balance!

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EMPHWB The Circle of Life Nov 2014


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