Self Care Sunday’s – Kindness

Kindness is something very under-rated, but can never be under-estimated in terms of the benefits to self-love and self-care. Whilst we always think of kindness as something we give to others, it so much more valuable to place the attention on yourself. When was the last time you bought yourself flowers, said no to something … Read more

Self Care Sundays – Connection!

  Connection is such an incredibly powerful self-care tool and one most of us take for granted. Connection can give us purpose, hope, love and improves our health by keeping the serotonin high. Connection comes at so many different levels. It can be a connection to your family, your partner, your friends, your career, your … Read more

Self Care Sundays! ROMANCE!

Self Care Sundays! ROMANCE! Valentines Day….Romance is in the air….. The perfect day to romance and pamper yourself! Valentine’s Day is all about LOVE……..That includes, SELF LOVE! Self-love comes from self-care….So what better way to experience Valentine’s Day this year than Romancing yourself! Whether you have a partner, or are single, it is time to … Read more