Wellness Wednesday! Don’t “tox” your body and you won’t need to “detox”!

Wellness Wednesday!   At this time of the year, it is so easy to over-indulge and eat and drink way too much, and it’s not generally on fruit, veggies or water! So whilst you should absolutely enjoy the festivities at this time of the year, don’t over-indulge in the festivities and find yourself feeling so … Read more

Wellness Wednesday! What does “healthy” look like for YOU?

Wellness Wednesday! What does “healthy” look like for you? . Is it going for a 10mins walk each day? Is it not needing to take medication for lifestyle related health concerns such as diabetes? Is it being able to quieten your mind to meditate for 5mins every day? Is it being able to run for … Read more

Wellness Wednesday! Just Breathe…

Wellness Wednesday! Just breathe…. Today, in the midst of chaos….take a moment to truly breathe… Stop….take a long deep breath…..let all of the tension and stress in your body go…Most of us breathe unconsciously, which ends up being quite, short, shallow and deep, enhancing stress and tension throughout the body.Breathing correctly has multiple health benefits … Read more

Wellness Wednesday – What are you really craving?

Wellness Wednesday! What are you really craving?? Time to look deep inside and ask yourself the hard question…. Do you really believe that you are “craving” the chocolate, pizza, wine, cake, biscuit, pasta, chips, etc? May it actually be that you are truly craving something deeper than than the block of chocolate ? Could it … Read more

Wellness Wednesday!

Wellness Wednesday! MEDITATE! Even 5mins a day can dramatically alter the affects of daily stress on our health! Meditation can improve both your physical and emotional wellbeing. Physically, a growing body of research is showing that meditation can help manage the symptoms associated with asthma, anxiety, depression, heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, acute pain … Read more