What do you see when you look at this image??

What do you feel when you look at this picture??   For me when I was in the midst of bulimia, cup cakes were a massive binge food for me. They triggered such happy pleasant memories for me of baking with my grandma.   We would bake cup cakes, biscuits, sweet crust pies, big cakes, … Read more

Are you ready to head into Summer with your Ideal Body?? November Special!!

Are you ready to head into Summer with YOUR IDEAL BODY??! Yep, got your attention right?? For those that know me well, will know that this does not include dieting of any kind!! How long are we going to believe that to have our ideal bodies, means food restriction of some kind or changing our … Read more

You Are So Much So Much More Than Your Reflection

I was lying in a hospital bed, and it was night time… I could hear the sounds of the nurses rushing around to the different rooms, the beeping of varying medical equipment, the sounds of other patients clearly in pain and unable to sleep either. I couldn’t sleep because I was scared. I was in … Read more