The Body Love Experience, Module One

Module One of The Body Love Experience! This module is all about self care, self love and self compassion. Whilst we open our coaching experience with a fun module, it can be confronting. We dive into what are your current self care practices, whether getting your hair done, a massage, spending time with friends, being … Read more

The Body Love Experience, Launching 1 September 2016

Launching in two weeks time, welcome to The Body Love Experience! The program has eight core modules and a special bonus module included of your choice! The eight core modules are listed below and are completed over four months; 1. Self care and Self Love 2. Body Image / Body Acceptance and Body Love 3. … Read more

Your ideal body is the one you already have!

Your ideal body is the one you already have! Apologies in advance, but I have to rant about this! You will note, that my business is all about self-love, and positive Body Image right, and from 1 March, I will be relaunching The Body Image Freedom Project, so what I discovered today at the hair … Read more