The Body Love Experience

The Body Love Experience

The ultimate recipe to power up your Body Love Experience for greater self-worth, improved confidence and more intimate relationships. My only 1:1 VIP coaching package.

Are you full of fresh energy and vitality?

Did you nail that latest diet and finally discover what you’ve been searching for?

Do you enjoy a rockin’ digestion, high on green juice and life?

Or are you left feeling more like a ‘failure’ in life…

Because you’ve been spending countless hours every day obsessing over calories, living on caffeine or junk food or both (even when your fridge is stocked with organic veggies), you’re trying all the latest diets and you basically live at the gym, yet…

You still don’t look like those Instagram models.

You hate what you see in the mirror.

You feel fatigued, anxious, alone, worthless and pretty much starved of essential nutrients.

And by about now…

You’re wishing there was a pill or magic mirror where you could love your reflection and finally experience freedom from this nightmare.

Well, look no further because that’s exactly why the Body Love Experience was created.

Dear friend,

This program contains all the information, support and insights I wish I’d had when I began my journey of recovery, along with my unconditional support so you can finally enjoy a life filled with love and freedom.

This is your opportunity to become empowered.



Inside the Body Love Experience you’ll receive 18 weeks of exclusive support and coaching in the comfort and security of your own home, with the opportunity to pick my brain for the entire length of the program.


With 8 Core Modules delivered via email over 18 weeks — you will have access to fortnightly 1:1 coaching calls, our private Facebook group and dedicated email support throughout the full term of the program — PLUS your selection of 2 bonus modules AND 2 extra coaching calls if you pay in full.

1. Self
What does it feel like to put yourself first? Do you dare? It’s so easy to prioritise everyone else, especially when our esteem isn’t so great. When our tank is depleted, so is our ability to be present and care for those around us. This module will show you practices you can do every day to soothe your soul and fill your own cup first.
2. What is body image?
Understanding where your beliefs around body image stemmed from is where the healing begins. In this module, you’ll learn how to reclaim your power and begin to repair the thought patterns that have kept you in pain in your relationship to your body. You’ll begin to feel more compassion for yourself and a little bit of acceptance.
3. Embodiment
In this deep exploration, you’ll discover ways to heal the disconnect between your head, heart and body. By starting off slowly, you’ll begin to feel more centred and comfortable in your body. With practice and loving commitment to yourself, you will begin to experience the feeling of being alive in your body, centred, strong and beautiful.
4. Emotions

Sadness, happiness, anger, etc. – people are designed to feel all emotions. Not just the pleasant ones! Through this module you will begin to understand the impact any unresolved, unfelt emotions have had on your relationship with your body and food. You’ll then work towards healing them, as you slowly repair and re-frame these relationships.

5. Emotional Eating

Emotional eating, binge eating and overeating are all powerful and intense behaviours that scream to us something is not right. You will start learning to embrace the gift of our eating behaviours as they are here to teach us. And then you can let them go with compassion and new understanding of the purpose they served in your life, and the lessons learnt.

6. Nourishment

Discover what nourishes your mind, body and soul! This beautiful module begins to create more meaning and fulfillment in our lives. Nourishment goes way beyond the food we consume. By the end of this module, you’ll know what brings light into your world so you can spend more time doing it, slowly replacing the old ways of being.

7. Desire

What are your greatest, deepest, unfulfilled desires for your life? What does your soul long for? What are you depriving yourself of?

When our desires are unfulfilled, day to day life can become challenging and unrewarding. This is the module to wake up those desires and explore how you can bring them to life!

8. Pleasure

It’s time to get playful! We are genetically programmed to seek pleasure and avoid pain. Fact!

Have you noticed, when you eat, you’re often unaware of how the food actually tastes? Yet when we eat in a more relaxed state, we can taste every mouthful. In this module, you’ll discover a number of different ways to reinvite more pleasure and meaning into your daily life.


Choose two of the following free modules with an additional two weeks’ support!

1. Digestion

Many people who are experiencing ongoing digestive issues, are actually experiencing an ‘undigested’ life event. We are shown what we need to heal. By the end of this module, you will have opened the door to finally release and digest events in your life that may have been the trigger to your body image or eating issues.

2. Body Wisdom

Our bodies ALWAYS have the answers. We just need to learn how to listen. In this module, you will learn how to tune into the power of your body wisdom. You will be able to intuitively know the foods you need and in what quantities, when to move around, and even when an environment or person is also not good for you. With the wisdom of our body, healing can happen rapidly.s learnt.

3. Energy & Fatigue

Energy and fatigue concerns can be a direct result of not doing things we love, or surrounding ourselves with people or environments which are not ‘healthy’ for us. In this module, you’ll uncover patterns you may not have seen before and learn what actions you can take to start addressing the issues to reclaim your life and vitality.

4. Stress

Stress plays a major role in our relationships with our food and bodies. It can cause us to eat too quickly or irregularly, choose foods with low nutritional value, punish ourselves through excessive exercise or cause us to act out through other addictions. Plus it can trigger us without us even knowing. This module helps you understand your stressors, and put an effective plan in place to manage them.

5. Sexuality

Our relationship with our body affects our sexuality and intimacy with others. This unique and raw module invites you to dive deep and come out the other end feeling more in touch with your body and soul and your truest sensual desires. It will allow you to feel deeper connection and intimacy, more confidence to fall in love, and ways to express what you are truly looking for.

Individual Coaching

You’ll receive:

  • Access to the 8 core modules & materials
  • Your choice of bonus modules
  • Individual coaching calls every 2 weeks
  • Access to our private Facebook group
  • Individual email support throughout the course

$2,200 (AUD)
Or 2 monthly payments of $1,100 (AUD) 
Or 4 X $575 (AUD)

The Body Love Experience

**Alternate payment plans can be arranged. Please book in a discovery call to discuss or email me at

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no diet attached to the program. That’s because diets suck! They just don’t work long term. Diets fail to address the emotional road blocks that have caused you to gain weight in the first place so I don’t include them in my program. We all know how to eat healthy. This program addresses the reasons we fail to. Through the use of a 7-day food diary, you’ll record your food intake, your level of exercise, and importantly, your emotions at the time. Understanding WHAT you eat, how you FEEL when you eat, and how you FEEL when you exercise give me a very good understanding of how to help you.

It is completely the opposite of a diet. Diets are generally about intake v output, macronutrients, micronutrients, and everything in between. In the program, we dive into your behavioural and thought patterns that arise around food and your body. In the free e-book, we work through an activity called the Food, Emotions and Body Autobiography. Within that exercise, we start to unravel some of the emotions and experiences that may be keeping you stuck in those patterns so you can release and heal them.

By taking the “charge” out of the emotions that are causing you to see your body in a distorted way and making you eat the way you do, you will start to see your weight shift. The excess weight we hold onto has come from holding on to an emotion, a story, or a life event that we haven’t allowed ourselves to feel or express. Those emotions are stored at a cellular level until we “feel” them. As we learn to heal and care for ourselves, we opt for healthier choices often resulting in natural weight loss.

That will depend on how truly open you are to doing the work that is required in the program. If you are OPEN and receptive to diving into the program, you can lose the weight quickly. As mentioned above, once the emotions are felt that are causing the weight, the weight will shift. You have to just remain open and willing to go into those shadows of your mind to heal and release what your body has stored. I also recommend working with your psychologist, psychiatrist and/or nutritionist alongside the work we do.

Per the above, the same goes if you need to put on weight. There is a life event, story or emotion being played out causing you to have a damaged relationship with food and your body. I had body dysmorphia so I completely understand how it feels when you show a certain weight on the scales but you see a different person in the mirror. Those stories can be released allowing you to look and see yourself and your body for how it truly is, then begin to put on weight through gradual healing. I also recommend working with your psychologist, psychiatrist and/or nutritionist alongside the work we do.

While this program may be able to help you, it is most effective for people who are willing to work on their own recovery. There is freedom on offer here if you want it, but it all depends on you. There may also be content you find triggering so whilst I have experience and feel qualified to support you with this work, I would always recommend you remain working with your psychologist or psychiatrist alongside the work we do. We do not, however, tolerate any kind of pro-ED dialogue in our private Facebook group and any such post will be deleted and the user banned from the community.

Yes, you can. I offer either individual one-hour sessions, or a 90-minute Blue Print session where we go over the Food, Emotions and Body Autobiography together to specifically uncover where some of your emotions and beliefs about your body are stemming from and work through them to begin the healing process.

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