The Body Love Experience, Launching 1 September 2016


Launching in two weeks time, welcome to The Body Love Experience!

The program has eight core modules and a special bonus module included of your choice!

The eight core modules are listed below and are completed over four months;

1. Self care and Self Love
2. Body Image / Body Acceptance and Body Love
3. Embodiment
4. Emotions, the importance of feeling all of our feelings
5. Nourishment, how do we nourish our mind, body and spirit
6. Desire, what are your deepest, greatest, yet maybe unfolded desires?
7. Pleasure, what in life gives you the greatest pleasure? Do you withhold pleasure when it comes to your diet?
8. Body wisdom, our body’s ALWAYS have the answer, we just need to listen!

There are five bonus modules to choose from!

1. Emotional / binge and overeating
2. Digestion
3. Energy and fatigue
4. Stress
5. Sexuality

You get to choose one or more of the modules above included for free in the program, but additional modules can be added for an additional cost and added to the length of the program.

Over the coming two weeks, I’ll release more information on each of the modules and details of my upcoming webinar!

If you want to escape from that mental prison of body hatred, and return to a place of complete self love, and body love and acceptance, this program is for you!!

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