The Body Image Healing Circle

The Body Image Healing Circle

Make peace with your body. A 6-week Journey for Women

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You can’t heal something you hate

Can you love the part of you, that hates your body?

Can you imagine a whole day that you didn’t hate your body, where you didn’t fight with food, and you felt peaceful and at home with your body?

  • You deserve to feel the freedom that comes with truly loving and accepting your body
  • You deserve the freedom that comes with experiencing a deeper trusting connection with your body, where you feel safe, at home
  • You deserve better than a life contained in the mental prison of body hatred, where the only comfort you feel is from an abusive relationship with food

It’s time to make a commitment

It’s time to finally heal, and find the peace that you so long for

It’s time to show up for YOU, consistently, and do the work, once and for all

The Body Image Healing Circle is a place for true healing, a place where you are able to feel nurtured, understood, and safe, and fully supported. We will gather weekly in circle on a Monday evening at 7pm, at Qi Crystals in Caulfield, and support each other to truly lean in to understanding where our beliefs about our body come from, and why we have the destructive relationship we do with food….

This will be a radical act of self-care

The women that join this six-week journey will receive:
  • One 90mins one-on-one coaching session with me ($180 Value)
  • Homework given during each circle to support your personal healing
  • Journal and other small gifts weekly
  • Private Facebook Group to continue support outside of the circle
  • Deep connections with the other women in the community
The financial investment in YOU, is $400 for the six weeks. For the women that have attended the Body Beautiful Sister Circle on Friday night, you will receive a discount of $75, taking the price to $325.

*EARLY BIRD PRICING AVAILABLE – $45 per week (total $270), until 31 October 2017! *

How would it feel to be able to say,

I am free, connected and at peace with my body,  and

I have a peaceful relationship with food?

Are you ready to make the commitment to YOU?

First Round begins Monday 13 November, 2017!

Body Image Healing Circle Prices