Body Dysmorphia at it’s finest

This is me, six years ago today, and thanks to body dysmorphia, still felt like I weighed 120kg, and yet, I was 70kg….

I hated this picture because I felt like it showed my fat stomach still and was ashamed.

At this point, I had been in recovery from bulimia for close to two years, but was still battling with body image. In this image I was at the stage of body acceptance, not body love.

That took a further 12 months of working with counsellors and healers.

Know that our road to healing our relationship with our body and with food is never straight forward and never simple. It requires work. Consistent work. Showing up when you want to hide, showing up when you are afraid, and want to give in.

It takes courage, strength, vulnerability, weakness, kindness, acceptance and a whole lot of self care, and self love…

Today I am working on finalising everything for the launch of The Self Love Soul Sessions and seeing this image and the memories associated with it, make me extremely proud of the journey I’ve been on and where I stand today.
Please if you are a similar journey, never give up, and know you are not alone.

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